Solo: Another Star Wars Podcast

July 08, 2018

In this episode the 8 Bit Idiots finally discuss: “Solo: An Unnecessary But Sometimes Ok Story About the Origin of Almost Every Characteristic Aspect of Han Solo and Chewbacca, and Some Other Enjoyable Characters That Probably Die Because They're Not Seen in Any Other Star Wars Movies - A Star Wars Story”

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(E)pisode 1(3)

June 23, 2018

 E3! Too much content, not enough hosts! This episode we have a ¿special? guest! Meet Tyla! Together, 3 idiots skim E3 announcements so fast you'll barely understand which games we're talking about! Click this link to get started Podcasting with Castos:

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Episode 12 - The Deadpool Discussion

May 30, 2018

Welcome back again!!This episode is all about TV and Film.We talk our forcasts for Batman Ninja, A Deep discusion on Deadpool (Our topic of the week... which we forgot to mention), Antman and Wasp trailer, and round out with a bit of TV talk.Hope you enjoy and thanks for the listen!Click this link to get started Podcasting with Castos: All our Link...

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Episode 11 - The DC Discussion

May 22, 2018

Welcome back!In this episode it is all DC.We talk DC's new streaming service and what they have on the cards for new shows.We also talk about a proposed new game,And who we would like to see more of in upcoming DC games, films and TV Click this link to get started Podcasting with Castos: these are all our Links: Our site:

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Episode 10.5 - Gauntlet Edition (Infinity War SPOILERS!)

May 18, 2018

Welcome back again!!In this episode it is all Infinity War!We talk plot, characters, what we love and what we hate.SPOILERS ahead for this whole episode (Duh) so if you haven't watched it yet you've been warned.Thanks so much for listening and supporting. All our Links: Our site: Youtube:

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