Episode 10 - Double Digits!

May 15, 2018
We did it! Episode 10 is now live and its packed full of delicious talkie talks! We discussed, wait for it, more God of War,  Also on the cards was Red Dead Redemption 2's story trailer and its peculiar visual choice Topic of week is a big one where we talk all the cancelled games that we will never get to play! Thanks again to all that have followed us this far, your support is everything!  
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Episode 9 - DLC = Desperately Lacking Content

May 12, 2018
This week with the 8 Bit Idiots! Deadpool 2 Loads up with more jokes in its latest trailer, The  Dad of the year award goes to Kratos in the new God of War game  And we also talk about how much money we've wasted on special edition games and pre-order content in our *Drum roll* Topic of the Week!
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Episode 8 - Rocksteady's New Smash Hit

May 07, 2018
Episode 8 is jammed full of content.We talk the new Vampyr, a Solo trailer, a Venom teaser as well as the new Spiderman game and we disuss what Rocksteady should do next.Thanks for listening! All our Links:Our site: http://8bitidiotspod.castos.com/Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW3PLdKDJGWNPv4_LQevapwFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/8BitIdiotsPod/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/8bitidiots/Twitter: https://twitter.com/8BitIdio...
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Episode 7 - Making the Perfect Star Wars RPG

May 06, 2018
In this episode we talk about: Farcry 5 Coop, Lindsay burns down a village and beats friendly fire. We discuss the generation of remasters including the latest - Spyro reignited,and our topic of the week: which company we would like for a Star Wars RPG and what it will take to get it right!Thanks again for listening and please support us on all our social media and give the episode a like and rating! All our Links: Our site:
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Episode 6 - Lindsay Meets Boomer: The Best Boy

May 03, 2018
Episode 6 has everything and nothing! We talk the Marvel movies since 2008, EA's scramble to save Battlefront 2 and Ubisoft's latest entry, Far Cry 5 where we meet Boomer! All our Links: Our site: http://8bitidiotspod.castos.com/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW3PLdKDJGWNPv4_LQevapw Facebook:
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