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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 24 - The Late Late Show

    The long awaited episode.Connor and I have been quite busy as of late, so we will call this the between season down time.On top of this, this episode sat in the pipes for a while waiting to be released. WE APOLOGISE FOR THAT.In this episode we discuss ...


  2. Episode 23 - The joker is no longer damaged?

    Welcome back to another episode! It has been a long time, we missed you!In this episode Connor and Lindsay discuss More DC news, Red Dead Redemption 2, and a whole bunch of others.Our topic this week is the newly (at the time) released Assassins Creed Odyssey Hope ...


  3. Episode 22 - Slow news week

    A newsie episode this week, we discuss Mavel and DC and some controversial images in the latest Batman comic.We then dive into the new Spider-man PS4 once again Hope you enjoy, thanks for listening.Please like, subscribe, rate and review it means the world.Get started on your podcast ...


  4. Episode 21 - Our Fan Casts W/ Tyla

    Tyla returns once again to guest star, as no one else would say yes.We launch straight into Marvel and DC news, as well as some Last Air Bender news all of which seems to make Lindsay very angry.Our topic of the (sort of) week is our favourite castings/fan ...


  5. Episode 20 - The 20th Time We've Made a Thing

    Are we any better at this? Who cares!! We made it! Episode 20! The latest episode of The 8-Bit Idiots features a butt-tonne of news. Lindsay got his hands on 'Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4. Is it any good? Who knows, Probably. Get started podcasting with Castos here:https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=1111824&u=1784394&m=76104&urllink=&afftrack= All our Links: ...